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Security Products

Bradling Security supply a range of security products. Click on a heading below to view further product information.


The Xanview range

Security of an NVR, Power/Analytics of a VMS, Simplicity of a Cloud Camera Xanview is the CCTV of the future:

  • Instant information about your business, home, etc.
  • User friendly website (
    Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.
  • Powerful features, yet simple to use.
  • Large businesses, small offices, homes. One login for
  • all locations.
  • Quality, high definition recording
  • Set up in minutes. No messy software downloads!
  • Professional grade security features.
  • Silent & compact. Hides or sits on your desk!

& much more!

Traditional vs Xanview monitoring An example of Xanview events

View the Xanview factsheet in PDF (738Kb) View Xanview fact sheet PDF (738Kb)

Scantronic i-on 40

Connect the i-on40 to your network and program it from anywhere!

Program i-on40 from your PC Program i-on40 from your Smart Phone
Scantronic ion-40


  • 40 zone system "out of the box"
  • 16 hardwired zones plus 24 Radio based zones.
  • Up to 4 full feature keypads and 4 radio based Arming keypads.
  • Full Local laptop PC programming via Built-in USB port.

IP Interconnectivity

Built-in Ethernet connection, allows access to the system for programming and diagnostics via the local network.

Panel Outputs

  • 4 programmable panel outputs, op1 & 2 are relays.
  • 12 programmable communications outputs for connection to Redcare, Dual-Coms etc.


ion-40 Keypad
  • 50 user codes with Code, Prox, Radio Fob and PA allocated to each user.
  • System designed for use in Domestic and Commercial installations to PD6662 Grade 2 conforming to DD 243.


Speech + Multi-format Digi + Modem using PSTN.


Digi-modem only option for cost effective communications


Speech + Multi-format Digi + Modem using the GSM network


Plug-in Chiron IP alarm communicator for connection to an ARC.


Plug-in Chiron GPRS alarm communicator for wirefree alarm communication.


Plug-in Emizon IP Dual Path (GPRS &IP) for secure alarm communication to an ARC meets EN50136 ATS 6.

ion-16 Keypad xcel detectors
700 External Sounders ion40 components
i-on 40 Accessory list

i-on40 Compatible Transmitters

10r Small Two Button PA
713r 10mtr Pet tolerant (25Kg) PIR
714r 15mtr PIR
720r Photo electric smoke detector
726r Two button PA
XCELR Radio 12 mtr PIR, Pet version XCELRPT (25 kG – 9mtr)
703r 4 wired input long range 12 volt powered transmitter
734r-01 FSL Door Contact transmitter (with site test function)
738r Shock Sensor Transmitter
739r-25 ‘Shatterbox’ Break Glass Detector transmitter
760ES Wireless External Sounder &Strobe
790r Radio signal test meter and site tester
i-rk01 Remote wireless keypad with Prox reader
727r/728r 4 button Remote set/unset, (rolling code), 727 has PA function

Scantronic Movement Detectors

Scantronic Movement Detectors

XCELR 12 metre PIR (XCELRPT Pet tolerant – 25Kg 9 metre)

  • Battery powered using 2 x 1.5 volt Alkaline AA batteries
  • Uses the Scantronic 700 radio technology
  • 868MHz narrowband radio
  • EN50131 Grade 2
  • Compatible with all Scantronic 700 radio receivers

XCELW 12 metre PIR (XCELWPT Pet tolerant – 25 Kg -9 metre)

  • 6 wire standard connection
  • EN50131 Grade 2
i-on40 Panel PCB


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